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Herstory in the making: Cynthia & Annia

We salute our first ever mother and daughter duo, Cynthia and Annia, CEOs of All Things Beautiful & Co. for our Women‘s History Month Campaign, HERstory In The Making.

This Mother Daughter Duo are not at all shy about the talents God has gifted them with, instead, they have embraced them, and honed them, believing emphatically as prescribed in Proverbs 18:16 that “a man’s gifts will make room for him.” Annia, (the daughter) has been dubbed a ‘millennium influencer’ to watch, a conscious philanthropist and a no-nonsense business woman respected for encouraging others to create businesses that allow them to coalesce their own interests, talents and acumen. Cynthia, (the mother) is the socially-astute, true Louisiana Southern Belle who unapologetically ascribes to savoir faire and has proven herself as a designer-stylist and a creative guru majoring in over-the-top productions.

Given that the Luxury Concierge industry is deemed a non-traditional area of expertise for African Americans and people of color, it is most apparent, no one bothered to tell Annia Jenkins and Cynthia Hightower-Jenkins. and they are prime for making major strides in the world of beauty and Luxury. Becoming Luxury Concierges who produce unfathomable Luxury Life Experiences seemed a natural endeavor for this Duo. All Things Beautiful & Co is aggressively breaking into the 1.4 trillion-dollar global Luxury Concierge industry demonstrating that people of color should not be counted out of any viable industry. These powerhouse women are redefining Luxury and are carving out their niche.

While Annia and Cynthia share their love and passion for curating breathtaking ambiance and magical moments, they also share in the dregs of having been bullied as children, adolescents, and even adults. Those dregs have helped them shape their every endeavor, business and personal life, as well as, their spirit of charity and philanthropy. Those experiences, while having negative impact, have served, as does a diamond grind, to meticulously sharpen their sensitivity to the emotions, feelings, expressions and desires of others. It is that sharpened sensitivity that allows them the unique edge and knack for capturing even the unspoken desires and emotional triggers of their clientele.

The watermark of the All Things Beautiful & Co. brand can be found in every aspect of the Luxury Mother Daughter Duo’s creative prowess right down to their uncommon productions. From assisting in developing brand concepts or brand activations for high-end luxury brands, curating luxury yachts and private jet charters, over-the-top bespoke experiences, to producing awe-inspiring memorable moments, including marriage proposals, international travel and other

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