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Herstory In the Making : Ava Duvernay

Pull Corp Media’s Her-story in the Making 2020 Presents - Writer, Producer, Director and Film Distributor of Independent Film Ava Duvernay.

Ava Duvernay was born and raised in Long beach, California raised by her parents and a matriarchy of relatives. Ava’s aunt who had a love for

the arts would take her and her siblings out of the Compton, long beach area to watch plays and movies. She counted this as playing a major part in her passion for film.

As a young adult Ava went on to college in California and majored in English and African American studies. She initially had her heart set on journalism and storytelling but her interest in how to tell them changed, after an internship with CBS.

Ava's ability to penetrate a male dominated industry later in life and tell familiar stories from a different perspective was unheard of.

Her first debut in the film industry was at the Sundance Festival where she won Director of the Year for her second feature film “Middle of Nowhere.” Making Her the first black woman to receive that award, this would be the first of many firsts.

Ava went on to direct across television and movies. She directed an episode of Shonda Rhimes’ Scandal (ABC), (Paramount)Selma, 13th Amendment (Netflix) documentary, A wrinkle in time (Disney) and When they see us (Netflix) about the now exonerated Central park five.

Over the past decade Ava has brought stories that needed to be told out of the shadows and given the once silenced a voice again, her diligence and talent has brought representation and visibility to people who never saw themselves on screen. She continues to break down barriers and introduce a new perspective to viewers everywhere through her art.

For more about Ava Duvernay and her work visit -

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