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Her-story in the making : Nikki .G

Her-story in the making : Nikki .G

Today we spotlight Nichole “ Nikki .G” Glemaud entrepreneur, producer and photographer.

Nikki was born in Belize, Central America but made her mark in the united states in Dallas, Texas. She earned a degree in Media and Communications from Texas State Technical college.

Nikki was at that time the mother of two small children so it was essential for her to work from home, so she created her Home based photography company Nikki G Productions. Nikki accomplished what many women dream to do, balance being a mother and an entrepreneur. Her company evolved over the decade from inception as a photography company into a full production company that produces web-series, documentaries and photography services.

Nikki has been a force in the community and in 2018 was nominated for the Ten shades of Success “Dallas influential Woman award.”  Her passion is telling the stories of others from the community through her production company. She is dedicated to lifting up others through media and has called herself … “a visual storyteller’’.

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