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Herstory in the Making series - Mc Lyte

(DALLAS) - March 10, 2018 - Today’s Woman Making Herstory is Hip Hop music innovator, lyricist, DJ, author and philanthropist is Mc Lyte. A New York native born in the heart of Brooklyn, the very place that would introduce her to music and Hip-Hop culture.

Rhyming became a form of expression for Mc Lyte early on, she began rapping when she was a preteen. At the age of 12 years old MC Lyte’s gift for music and with words ushered her into the beginning of a rap career and eventually led to the debut of her single “Lyte as a rock” in 1988. One of her most well-known songs to date.

Mc Lyte's stardom snowballed and her hit list continued to grow with her, with tracks like “Cha Cha Cha”, and “ruffneck” which were number one singles on the charts. By the early 90’s Lyte had become a first, the first solo rap artist to be Grammy nominated and to have a solo rap single to go gold. Mc Lyte was helping pave the way for a still very new musical genre for not just women, or people of color, but for both in the music industry.

She quickly became a role model by using her voice to speak up for others through her music. Mc Lyte spoke on real issues like violence, sexism and the mistreatment of women. Her voice is also a familiar one. Mc Lyte has been the voice for national campaigns like Coca Cola and Nike to name a few. The multi-talented artist is still at work acting and recording music, she recently released her latest album LEGEND. She also works as CEO of Sunni Gyrl Inc. and is Chairman on the Hip Hop Sisters foundation.

It can be argued that Mc Lyte paved the way for many of the successful female emcees that came after her. She is a woman of style and grace that demands respect and gets it from both her male and female counterparts. Mc Lyte is a Legend and her story is still being written.

For more about Mc Lyte visit also follow MC Lyte @mclyte on Instagram and Facebook.

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