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Herstory in the Making Series - Kelly Price

(DALLAS) - March 8, 2018 - Happy International Women's Day! We’re staying the course of honoring women who are trailblazers. In light of Women’s History month PullCorp recognizes writer and 9-time Grammy nominated recording artist

Dr. Kelly Price as a musical great, who has influenced many artists after her. PullCorp is proud to be working with Dr. Kelly Price as she embarks on new paths for her career and life.

Dr. Price’s journey as a songstress began early on in her life. She wrote her first song when she was only 7 yrs old. Her love for music was initially nurtured in her church, by the age of 9 she sang lead in the adult choir. Dr. Price’s big vocals, passion for music and start in the church would later mold her successful adult career in Gospel and Soul music.

Her professional career began in 1992 at Madison square garden singing with legend Michael George. This was just the beginning to a career as a vocalist on Hit records with legends like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Notorious BIG, R.Kelly and Ron Isley. In 1998 Dr. Kelly Price appeared officially on the scene with her Hit Single “friend of mine” featured on her debut album Soul of a Woman.

Dr. Price has experienced great success on the music charts as a singer/ songwriter but the hurdles in her career where inevitable due to the unrealistic beauty standards for women in the entertainment industry. She spoke to women like her around the world without saying a word by just being herself. “There was no person, whether they thought I was too fat, too black, too country, too ghetto, too New York, too thug or too whatever! Nobody ultimately had the say over

whether or not I was going to make it.” Says Kelly. Dr. Kelly price has not only shattered the charts with Hit songs but she has also helped shatter a one size fits all model in the entertainment world.

These days Kelly Price is still doing what she loves most, writing music for Top artists like K-Michelle as well as singing alongside recording artist Kanye West on his latest album Life of pablo released 2017. Dr. Kelly Price is a woman making history through living and sharing Her story with the world through song.

For more about this woman making HERstory visit also Connect with her on social media @mskellyprice on instagram.

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