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Herstory in the Making- Quynh Chau Stone

(DALLAS) March 27,2018 - Today’s woman Sharing Herstory with the world is Philanthropist, Beauty-preneur, Educator and Advocate Quynh Chau Stone. Quynh was born on the other side in Vietnam where she lived with her four brothers until they had to escape from terrible conditions. Quynh and her brothers spent thirteen days at sea until they were rescued and placed in a refugee camp, later they were assisted by faith based groups and immigrant advocates that reunited Quynh and her four brothers to their father in the states.

As an Vietnamese-American, Quynh Chau’s views had been shaped by her childhood trauma in Vietnam. Quynh’s faith and past experiences fueled her to give back to others in the states. She is President and founder of The Source of Hope a non- profit organization that serves underprivileged communities in Dallas, TX. Her mission is to help the “underdog” succeed and achieve their goals.

She is also woman with ambition and work ethic to match. A successful entrepreneur in Esthetics she works closely as an educator with Spa Source USA and has truly made her mark in the skin-care industry. Quynh has helped set up over 1000 salons in her career.

Quynh received her formal education in International Institutes such as Matis Paris Institute, Paris France as well as in prestigious facilities in New York, Dallas and Chicago. Quynh mentors up and coming cosmetologist entering into the world of aesthetics. She also manufactures her own line of skin care products which is distributed to skin-care boutiques internationally. She also creates training content for beauty professionals globally.

A woman with many gifts, Quynh also is a media maverick in the Vietnamese- American population. She produces her own radio and T.V show The Quynh Chau Show which covers community issues, and political views, health and beauty insights and entrepreneurship resources.

A true Gem in her community Quynh has been honored for her incredible achievements in community outreach. Her honors include the 2018 Celebration of Women that Soar Award during Women’s history month; 2017 GDACC Beyond Boundaries Award, with Governor Greg Abbott; 2014 Tarrant County Asian American Community Leadership Award; and many others. Quynh had been recognized in the Dallas area over 100 times for her philanthropic work in the city and surrounding counties.

Unconventional, powerful and inspiring are just a few words to describe the story of Quynh Chao Stone. She is constantly enriching the lives of others through her community efforts, her business endeavors and by using her voice on her media platform to spread important messaging and news to the community.

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