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Herstory in the Making - Jocelyn Willis

Updated: Mar 27, 2018

(DALLAS) MARCH 26, 2018 - PullCorp is starting off the last week of Women’s History Month by honoring a woman daily. Today, we celebrate Survivor and Founder of “Sister With Stories” also known as SWS Jocelyn Willis. Jocelyn’s life had a challenging start. Jocelyn was born premature to a single mother only weighing two pounds, with a heart murmur condition that she still watches to this day.

Jocelyn is an over-comer of sexual abuse, at the hand of her own stepfather who would abuse her while her mother was at work daily starting at the tender age of 6 years old.

As a young child, she tried to talk about the abuse to her family members, but they simply would not believe her. It later came out that she was not the only victim of her stepfather, that he had also abused some of her friends and other children in her neighborhood.

This abuse continued until Jocelyn was 10- years old. Her stepfather was later convicted and sentenced in 1991 and is still in prison.

The past continued to haunt her into her teenage years. Jocelyn turned to alcohol, partying and promiscuity to numb the pain of her tumultuous childhood. This was all by the age of 15.

Soon Jocelyn began to spiral into a depression and had thoughts and dreams of death. After struggling through school and not graduating with her class, she decided to turn her life around.

Jocelyn completed her continued education at Aladdin Beauty college earning her operator’s license in 2001. One-day Jocelyn says she heard the words “I am going to set you free.” From then on, her life began to transform dramatically.

The pain from her childhood inspired her to start SWS a group created for women to share their stories. SWS equips women to fight sexual abuse and to speak out in the face of their predators.

As an Author, Jocelyn is set to release her third book in September 2018. Jocelyn is a conqueror and a woman who has beat all the odds against her. Her faith in God and will to survive has propelled her into a destiny of helping other women break the mold, speak their truth and bring an end to suffering in silence.

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