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Herstory in the Making- Felicia Guimont

(DALLAS) March 20, 2018 - This Day PullCorp is honoring Business owner and Chef, Felicia Guimont. This woman is not just a culinary gift , she is the owner and founder of Southern Best Catering and OMG Cakes. Chef Felicia has been cooking for the community since she went into business over a decade ago in 1997.

Her desserts and southern cooking are loved in her community of Dallas, TX. Chef Felicia has concocted almost any cake/cupcake flavor you can think of from strawberry-cheesecake to champagne flavor. Her southern catering has a twist that doesn't shy away from the favorites. The menu includes cajun pasta salad, crab cakes, shrimp and the list goes on.

Chef Felicia never forgets her special ingredient “quality service.” She gives her best when serving her food and community. Her heart is for the people and she gives back to organizations that help the homeless, children and victims of domestic violence.

Chef Felicia has been called a Celebrity Chef because of her 5 star food and celebrity clientele but she humbly declines the title. This woman gives more than just delicious food, she offers an experience to remember. Her belief is that all her customers are to be treated like celebrities. So she provides every patron of Southern Best Catering/Omg Cakes the “Southern Best Experience.”

Chef Felicia brings people together with her cooking and spirit of excellence. HERstory is being written by every person who gets the chance to enjoy the food that she loves to serve.

For more about Chef Felicia Guimont visit and follow Southern Best Catering/ Omg cakes on Facebook.

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