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Herstory in the Making - Dr. Catrina Pullum

(DALLAS) March 30,2018 - Women’s History month is all about women who inspire and contribute to making the world a little better. So today in the spirit of honoring women who are disrupting the norm and making their voice be heard, Pullcorp Honors our very own founder Dr. Catrina Pullum.

Dr. Pullum has dedicated her life’s work to helping women find their purpose and walk into their destiny. She has been featured in Essence, Oprah & Black Enterprise magazines.

She is also founder of Public Relations Boutique Pull Corp Media & Business Consulting group which represents celebrity and high profile clientele in the entertainment industry,small business owners and corporate America.

As a leader and a pillar in her community Dr. Catrina Pullum inspires many women through mentoring programs and events. She has also been a guest speaker at T.D Jakes Megafest in 2017. As an overcomer of domestic violence and sexual abuse herself, Dr Pullum shares her story as an author through her book Breaking the Chains; from Hurting to Healing.

She also helps other women heal from past trauma and find their purpose.

Not only does Dr. Catrina Pullum share her wisdom, but she also does a great deal of philanthropic efforts. She sits on the board for charitable organizations such as the Hip-Hop Legends and Mc Lyte's Educate our Men Scholarship fund to name a few. Dr. Pullum also contributed to the #metoo movement for Oprah magazine and was apart of the Brawny Brand Women’s History Campaign.

Dr. Catrina Pullum seamlessly moves between different roles with one vision in mind to help other women share their stories of beating the odds stacked against them in the form of art .

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