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Herstory in the Making - Charessa Sawyer

(DALLAS) March 23, 2018 - This woman empowerment train is still on the move and going strong. PullCorp is proud to spotlight Event Therapist, Visionary and CEO, Charessa Sawyer for her passion and vision.

Charessa got her start in her hometown of Pamlico, NC and attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and African-American Studies, then shortly after earned her Masters of Social work.

After earning her Degree Charessa put her big dreams in motion in Atlanta, GA where she now lives and works a full-time career as a Supervised Therapist. When she’s not working as a Therapist, she is running her multi- brand empire. Charessa has been called the “Event Therapist” because of her ability to create mesmerizing events through her successful celebrity event business SC Visionary Planning & Production Services.

SC Visionary Planning & Production Services has helped produce many Celebrity and Corporate events and experiences such as “Women On The Move with Kim McNair (2017), Pink Champagne Gala Recap (2017), Purpose CHIQS (2017 Live Broadcast) and the list goes on. SC Visionary Planning & Production Services has also been featured in Sheen magazine (2017) and Rolling Out Magazine (2016). Charessa and the SC Visionary staff are all about “Producing events that make sense.”

This CEO is truly a multi-brand entrepreneur with a vision and a plan. Her additional ventures include The Table Talk Series, Pamlico County Relief Team and the Charge up Campaign that empowers cancer survivors and educates the community about health.

Charessa is sharing Herstory through making sure others’ visions come to life. This woman is Defying the odds and inspiring others to also strive and work hard to achieve their own dreams. Charessa says that “When you love what you do, there is an eternal smile that will guide you to and through the next level.”

For more information about Charessa Sawyer Visit To connect with her on social media follow @simplycharessa on Instagram and Charessa Sawyer on Facebook.

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